You might be tired of seeing Christmas recaps around the blog world, but I'm going to put you through one more.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  Don't worry though, there will be lots (lots) of pictures!  Let's start with Christmas Eve, the night when my family and I have our special Christmas dinner.  Each year, we have the same amazing dinner, and it is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  Each member of my family contributes something to the dinner.  My mom makes her outstanding scalloped potatoes:
My mom and I make the bread rolls together (I think I could live on them alone):
I make Maple Glazed Veggies (big surprise that I make the vegetable dish):
And my dad makes the lamb, which of course I don't eat, but he also makes an incredible rosemary sauce that I bathe my chickpeas in.  Here's the entire spread:
And my plate filled with the goodies:
You may be wondering what my brother contributes to the meal.  Well, he's not exactly into cooking, but he always contributes well to the whole eating part.  Except for when it comes to the veggies... it doesn't matter how I cook them, he won't touch them!  Ah well, with me and my unconditional love for veggies, I guess we balance each other out. ;)

Oh and dessert!  We mustn't forget dessert!!  Here my mom shines again with her chocolate cream pie:
You have not lived until you've had a slice of that heaven.

After dinner, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights like we do every year.  Overall, it was pretty disappointing!  People just didn't decorate all that much this year.  But we did find a couple of houses with people that went all out.  I always wish we could stumble across a street like the one from Christmas with the Kranks.  Who knows what I'm talking about, and how awesome would that be?!

Upon returning home, we read our Christmas books (the Polar Express, The Night Before Christmas, etc.), and then I was off to bed!  I had to get to sleep so that Santa would come. ;)

Christmas morning, I came down to this:
Side note:  Isn't our tree cute?!  We usually get really tall trees that we have to cut the top off of because they scrape the ceiling, but this year we couldn't find one (which might be a good thing because once it was so tall that it fell over in the middle of the night!).  So this one is about the same height as me.  It definitely made decorating easier - we didn't have to use a latter!

Since I was the only one up and I knew that it would be a while until breakfast,  I snacked on an apple and then had a Christmas cookie.  A special Christmas cookie because it was shaped like Piglet.  Does anyone else love Piglet??  When I was little, I called him Pigget (and still sometimes do...).  I've always thought that he is just too cute!! 
I then cleaned the kitchen for my mom, and several hours later, we opened presents!  I was so happy that everyone liked the gifts that I gave them.  It just makes my day to be able to put a smile on my family's faces.  

My parents travelled all over the world this past semester while I was at school, so they brought me back gifts from Vermont, Peru, Denmark, and Italy.  It made everything so special!  And my brother got me a Garmin!!
I was so excited that I took it on it's maiden voyage Christmas day!
I took it slow and easy for the sake of my foot.  I'm absolutely in love with this thing!!  And I love all the detailed information that you get when you upload it to Garmin Connect.  I'm now even more excited to go running!!

Going back in time a bit (just step inside my time machine), my dad made French toast for breakfast after we opened gifts!  For mine, he used Dave's killer bread, which turned out fantastic!  I topped part of it with chocolate pb2, which I loved, but I actually preferred the French toast plain - you can really taste the buttery flavor!  Of course, I had another piece. :)
And that's a [gift] wrap!  Sorry, I guess that was a failed attempt at some humor.  Anyway, I wanted to end with a few pictures of my pups!  These pictures just plain make me laugh.  They're like those pictures that are taken that you're not ready for, and you feel like you look like you're in the worst state possible.  In other words, I don't think this is really what my dogs actually look like.  I think they're adorable pictures anyway though... the angle just makes them goofy!
The best part about this Christmas (well, any Christmas really, but I've noticed it even more since I started college) was being able to spend time with my family - including the fury friends.  Christmas might be over, but I still have several weeks with my family before heading back to school, and I plan on cherishing every minute of it!

So now I want to know - how was your Christmas, if you celebrate?  Did you get to spend time with your family?


SO much yummy food! I love the puppy dog pictures too :).

12/27/2013 14:37

It looks like you had a delicious holiday! I love the photos of your dogs - so adorable in their Christmas outfits!

12/27/2013 15:58

The pups are too cute! I can't believe your parents travelled that much - that's amazing! Yay for getting a Garmin :) Your family dinner sounds delicious! I wish my family was as gourmet as that! We only cook the traditional foods :)

12/27/2013 17:02

YAY for the Garmin! Looks like you had a fab holiday!!!

12/27/2013 19:17

the 210 is an awesome watch!!

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12/27/2013 23:11

Your dogs are TOO CUTE!! And a garmin, how exciting!! (: The best running gift!!

12/27/2013 23:27

zomg another christmas recap :p

Your parents are quite the travellers- you guys should all come to Australia next time ;) What a good daughter cleaning the kitchen. Come clean mine now too.

Completely random but I loll'ed at your french toast picture- It reminded me of that stupid mickey mouse bread I went through a while back.

12/28/2013 09:41

Is it weird that I totally geeked out over your FIRST COMPLETED GARMIN RUN PHOTO!!?!?! Those numbers are sooo gorgeous haha. What an amazing Christmas, and that FOOD!! WOWZA!

12/28/2013 14:38

This looks so fun!! Those rolls look amazing!! And before I figured out I was gluten intolerant I could have lived off them as well... now not so much... haha! Glad you had a nice Christmas and hope that you have a great New Years!!

12/29/2013 12:12

Were the potatoes like grandpa Charles used to make or has your mom bumped them up another notch or two? Grandpa's evolved over the years.

12/29/2013 14:13

Love your Christmas recap! And your puppies are just too cute :)

12/29/2013 20:50

Even though tons of bloggers do Christmas recaps, reading through them is such a guilty pleasure of mine! I love seeing what everyone else around the world does for the holidays! I would've loved to come share some of that great food, but I would've totally been alright with just playing with your pups! They are adorable! And your watch! (insert emoji face with hearts for eyes here)


Aww, I love your dogs!! SO cute. The Piglet cookie was adorable too, I love it!

Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas girl. Between the delicious food and the Garmin, you made out pretty nice. Happy almost New Year!!

12/30/2013 10:31

Maple glazed veggies - one combination I have yet to try out! Looks really good though :)
Love Garmin - I have the 610 and couldn't be happier!

12/30/2013 12:44

You must post the recipe of the rosemary sauce and chickpeas! I am thoroughly intrigued!

01/01/2014 03:30

Wow, what a feast! I haven't gotten tired of Christmas recaps yet because seeing pictures of yummy foods puts me in a good mood. :D

Happy New Year Alex!!!

05/18/2014 05:38

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03/17/2017 05:27

Wow it seems like you really had a blast in this Christmas celebrations. I can see it here from the menu of your table. All of them are mouth watering recipes.

04/02/2017 08:19

I am surely going to make all these things that you are showing in this post because they are looking delicious to me. Beside that I always like to try something new in such events.


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