Marvelous is.... my frist MIMM!  For some reason, I've never joined the link-up before, but I've always loved the idea - to focus on the little things that make life (and the often dreaded Mondays) a bit better.
Marvelous is... my 9.25 mile run yesterday!  It was only going to be 8, but then I just had to see what was around the corner, and I couldn't skimp on running through the little community garden... and before I knew it, I was at 4.6 miles and still had to run back!  My pace ended up being  a bit slower than usual with an average pace of about 10:00/mile, but I ran 9.25 miles so who cares?!  And besides, I think that pace is going to be pretty close to my pace come the actual half marathon.  

Marvelous is... a new running tank!  While I have pretty good self-control around regular clothes, when it comes to running gear?  Um yeah, that self-control goes out the window... hey, at least running clothes are more practical.  Okay, maybe everyday clothes are actually more practical, but I have more fewer running clothes so that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
The lightning kind of makes me look like I have a cold or am crying... promise neither is the case! ;-)
Marvelous is... my last day of work!  I will miss the people I work with, but I've made enough pizzas to last me a lifetime.  Still haven't gotten tired of eating them though, and I don't think that could ever change.

Marvelous is... a homegrown tomato!  A bird got some of them, but the ones that survived?  Oh man, talk about deliciousness!  I will be guarding the rest of these with my magic wand.  What, you didn't know I had one?  (And yes, I am a huge Harry Potter nerd.)
Marvelous is... these pancakes.  I had (more like inhaled) them when I returned from my glorious run above, and all I can say is they make they are best post-run fuel ever.
Marvelous is... Starbucks.  Cool lime refreshers - my summer in three words.  And apparently my name is Alice.  It was actually pretty funny because he asked my name and then wrote it down and said, "Well, it doesn't really look like Alice, but you know who you are."  I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise so I just smiled... smile and wave boys, smile and wave. (Please tell me you get the reference!)
What's been marvelous in your life lately?


08/19/2013 10:36

Yay for MIMM!!! Also those pancakes need to happen! I saw Arman (The big man's world) made them too! Can you just come to my kitchen and make them for me? I've been so lazy when it comes to cooking lately.

Also if they're getting your name wrong at Starbucks then I truly have no hope! I often make up names but then sometimes I forget what name I told them and they think I'm crazy...oh well! Happy Monday ;)


Congrats on the run!
Wow - those pancakes are seriously marvelous!
And I have to agree - homegrown tomatoes are THE BEST! Yours looks so juicy!
Wishing you a MARVELOUS Monday :)

08/19/2013 11:47

GOOD JOB on the run! That is awesome! My tomatoes are ready and they are so delicious. I know it's crazy, but I've never been to starbucks! The nearest one is an hour away, and I don't really like coffee!

08/19/2013 11:48

Welcome to MIMM! I'm the same way around workout clothes...and PJs. I swear, I can't hold back when I near those aisles in the store!

08/19/2013 12:25

Haha I've definitely been called Alice several times. Our name is sometimes hard to pronounce. AL-LEXXX! :)

08/19/2013 15:34

Cute shirt- love the pocket! Where is it from? Always on the look out for stylish and comfy workout clothes :)

08/21/2013 10:45

I got it at Dick's sporting goods, but it's by under armour! I tried finding it on their website, and I think that this is it. :)

08/19/2013 16:06

Hahaha your wand! Obviously love it. Okay those pancakes need to happen right now. Welcome to the marvelousness :)

08/19/2013 16:09

It's really about the little things - however often the saying is used it doesn't get old.
Oh, and hi there, Alice :). Just keep smiling and waving [Madagascar! The penguins were too funny.]! And keep running like that! Congrats on the distance and time! That's amazing.
I feel a tad embarassed to ask as I must have skipped the info in previous posts but where did you work? Pizza is one of my current favourite [rediscovered] dishes.
Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog today and would be happy for you to play along.

08/23/2013 08:49

Don't feel embarrassed at all! I actually don't think I've mentioned it before so you're good! I work (or well, worked haha) at Papa Murphy's. :)
And I will fill out the Liebster survey during my crazy long road trip! ;)

08/19/2013 16:24

Still drooling over those pancakes ;)

08/19/2013 19:33

I tried so hard to convince my parents a few years ago that I needed a magical wand. There was this nice pamphlet that came in the weekly coupon section of the newspaper. There were dozens of types, even one that was an exact replica of Harry Potter's (*gasp*). All for the convient price of 29.99. Or something like that. I wouldn't be surprised if it was 5 payments of 19.99. Needless to say I was not an expert sales person at that time and I have been living wandless forever. Could I borrow yours? ;)

08/19/2013 20:32

That Madagascar quote is my FAVORITE and I am obsessed with the penguins!!

I AM SO PROUD of your are seriously excelling sooooo much!! You clearly had a runner in you before you even knew it!! You are so close to that 13.1!


WOW Congrats on your run!! :D

08/19/2013 20:48

Congrats on the killer run- and of course refuelling with a killer breakfast invention ;)

I didn't know you worked at a pizza place! that was my first job when I was in high school- the unlimited pizza was definitely the winning point!

08/19/2013 21:04

Love your new running outfit! So cute! OMG aren't homegrown tomatoes the best? They're always perfectly sweet and delicious :D

08/19/2013 21:43

Marvelous is definitely your run! You're going to do so well during your half marathon!! I can hardly keep up a 10:00 minute pace when I'm running four miles! I'm so proud of you!

Also, I never grew my own tomatoes but I have had some from the Farmer's Market (they grow less then a mile from my house) so maybe that can half count as home grown? :)

08/20/2013 00:12

So many things worth celebrating in the post! Way to go on your run- 10 min/mile pace is AMAZING so well done :)! And congrats on your last day of work! Hope the rest of your week only gets better, Alex!

08/20/2013 02:09

Pancakes topped with pretzels... wow, genius! I bet the added crunch makes all the difference in the world :)

Congratulations on knocking out those miles girl. You're a rockstar!


Nice job on the run!! and lol starbucks always gets my name wrong too (except my regular location, that i go to every morning, i know all the staff in there, and was even invited to one of their birthday parties because im in there all. the. time.) but if i go to a different one, like on the weekends, they always call me "sharon"

08/20/2013 16:26

This is a great post! I should join a link up like this. I need to get myself more active and that way I have something to write about, haha.

I am trying to grow my own veggies and herbs and I'm not sure if i am doing okay. Some parts are dying but some are blooming it seems like its on limbo right now. I would love to grow tomatoes. Would they survive during Fall?

08/23/2013 08:53

I don't think they would survive - they need quite a bit of sun and pretty warm temperatures to grow and ripen (though I guess it depends on where you live - if you have warm weather and sun year around, you could give it a go!). But you should definitely try it next summer! Soooo delicious! :)

08/20/2013 22:17

Haha "smile and wave" best advice from a penguin ever :)

That's an awesome run (and a great new tank to go with it!) I'm at about the same pace but my max is like 3 miles... and here I was starting to get impressed with myself.

08/21/2013 15:28

Interesting MIMM! And yes, I love your pancakes, soooooo gooooood! Hmmmm I don't know what's marvelous today...maybe that I had a really delicious Spanish olive oil (extra-virgin) in Spain?


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