Hey guys!  Just popping in to let you know that I made it!!  Thankfully we spent the night halfway so it wasn’t too bad, but there was lots of Lost watching, sleeping, and filling out surveys, including this one that Arman tagged me with!  It was a lot of fun to fill out and definitely helped the time to pass.  Thanks, Arman! 

Oh and I’m now on Instagram @ alexvegginout!  It’s probably going to take me a while to figure out how to use it seeing as my battle with technology is never ending, so bare with me.  But if you’re on Instagram too, be sure to tell me your username!

Okay, survey time!        



1.  My Dad to see if he was on his way to pick my Mom and I up (we had to take one of our cars into the shop).

2.  Residential services at my college to see what day I could move into my dorm.

3.  My horse’s farrier to confirm our appointment to have my horse’s shoes pulled and feet trimmed.

4.  My work to let them know that I was stuck at a train and might be a few minutes late (ah trains, they can be such a pain!).

5.  Microsoft support because I was born in the wrong era (i.e. amongst all my tech savvy friends and my brother, I feel like I have two left feet when I touch anything with an on/off button).


1.  Breakfast of green tea, apple, Kashi go lean cereal with almonds, cashews, and blueberries.

2.  Dinner of steamed broccoli with honey mustard, sesame kale, tortilla, veggie dip, cottage cheese – one of those “eat whatever’s in the fridge including the fridge” meals.

3.  Lunch of baked sweet potato with cinnamon, broccoli with honey mustard (can you tell I had a lot of broccoli to eat up?), baked tofu, and a chocolate mint drink.

4.  Breakfast of apple, Chobani peachy pistachio flip, and a tortilla with pb crave cookie nookie.

5.  Dinner of steamed broccoli with, you guessed it, honey mustard (bet you didn’t see that coming ;) ), pizza quesadilla, and a baked sweet potato with cinnamon.   Did anyone notice a slight similarity between meals 3 and 5?  Or is it 5 and 3?  Yeah, that pretty much explains it.


1.  Currently en route to Oregon, soooo Oregon. (And Oregon last year and a trip back home at the end of the school year, but I’m not counting all that.)

2.  Bermuda with my awesome grandparents (they usually take my brother and I on a trip every year!  Oh and my grandpa is broccoli obsessed too.)

3.  Newfoundland (again, with my grandparents).

4.  Europe, including Greece, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, and technically Germany. (We had an eight hour layover there, got our passports stamped, and walked outside for about five minutes, but that’s literally it.  Call it what you want, but I think I need to go back because I don’t really consider that seeing Germany!)

5.  East coast.  Virginia (for waterskiing – one of my favorite things ever to do), Maryland, and NYC for seven hours.  My grandparents, brother, and I randomly decided to go to NYC for the day so we hopped in the car and went!  It was my first time there, and I must say, it was a pretty fantastic place.  We packed a LOT in, but I really think I need to go back.  I feel like I could spend weeks there and never get bored.  On the bucket list!!


1.  Subway.  Need. food, now.

2.  Gas station to refuel the cars and give my horse water+hay.

3.  Likely another gas station.

4.  Horsey hotel.  Yes, they do exist.

5.  People hotel because, well, we kind of need to sleep.  While my family and I have done our fair share of 24 hour driving trips, we’ve decided not to punish ourselves like that this round.



1.  Weed spraying (come on, hauling the sprayer around for an hour is totally a workout). 

2.  4.67 mile run

3. 10 mile bike ride con mi mama.

4.  Nature walk (or let’s call it a nature hike because that sounds like more of a workout).

5.  4.5 mile run


1.  My schedule.  I worked it out, and I think the first half of the semester is going to go pretty well!  I only have three classes (plus core body) first quarter so that will be sooo nice.  Though second quarter is going to be kind of awful… hello calc 3!

2.  My Subway sandwich (yeah, Subway has come and gone).  Anyway, it was goooood!

3.  Hanging out with my dad.  We spent about an hour chatting about the 50s and how awesome it would have been to live then.

4.  My horse.  He ALWAYS makes me happy.

5.  Napkins.  Like seriously, what would we do without them?  I mean food is awesome, but it’s also messy.  Some of my worst nightmares involve picnics with no napkins.  (Um, can you tell I’ve been in the car for a bit too long?)


I wish I could tag all of you!!  Oh well, rules are rules.  I’m really not sure who has or hasn’t done this, so if you haven’t feel free to do it (it’s lots of fun!), and if you’ve already done it, well feel extra special that you were tagged again. ;)

1.     Katherine @ Peanut Putter Lover

2.     Tara @ Food and Other Things

3.     P @ Will Study for Food

4.     Courtney @ Courtney Em

5.     Leigha @ Minou Girl

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!



08/25/2013 12:46

Glad you're there safe! Thanks for the tag :) I like the meal one- I pretty much eat the same thing too!


That chobani peach flip is my favorite! Such an awesome combo of thangs :)

08/26/2013 00:56

Nice quiz, love the answers! I lol'd at your 5 recent meals- whenever I have to be away from home for a period of time, I have very similar combinations! I cannot even fathom having to be in a car for 20 hours straight- anything more than 5 and a hotel pitstop is necessary! And subway is the perfect fuel to kill the hunger bugs- as long as its stuffed with extra jalepenos ;) Hope your settling in well buddy!


Eating dinner before breakfast seems to be the in-thing these days! This is the second post Im seeing with this trend :)
I love reading surveys and getting to know fellow bloggers a little better through them!
Glad your travels have been safe. Hope you have a great day!

08/26/2013 11:16

Thanks for tagging me Alex, you're so sweet. :)

Happy you made it safely! Are you just watching LOST for the first time now? What do you think of it? It's absolutely one of my favorite shows so I love seeing new people watching it after it's been finished for so long now!

09/02/2013 10:17

It's actually like my second or third time seeing it, and I absolutely love it too! We should start a LOST fan club. ;-)

08/26/2013 11:21

WHooooo Oregon..you'll be so close to me!! I actually don't do well on long car rides haha, I pee a lot and get really antsy!

08/26/2013 12:17

Glad to hear you made it! And happy to see you joined IG :)

08/26/2013 17:18

Great tag. Hope that you get to move into your dorm right away. I'll be adding you on IG ! :)

08/27/2013 00:10

Wahoo glad you made it safe...& survived the looong journey! It's been so long since I last had Subway but something about it makes it the ideal road trip food...a side of chips are a necessity :)!

08/27/2013 08:54

the fact that you own a horse is awesome; that would make me happy too!

08/28/2013 01:57

Yay, I just followed you on IG, I look forward to your posts. I haven't been IG-ing much lately due to travels and a friend visiting from Japan for the week, so it's important to be a host! Haha I would love to answer this survey, seems like my ideal survey!

08/28/2013 18:46

Glad that you made it safe and sound. Update soon! I want to hear all about your college semester so far :)

08/28/2013 22:34

Weed spraying TOTALLY counts, haha ;P!

Thanks for the tag :)

08/29/2013 17:01

So happy I can follow you on Insta! Glad you got to school safely :)

08/30/2013 09:57

Love your last five meals! Kinda sound like mine haha

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