Hello, my dears.  It is FRIDAY!!!  Aka the last day of my summer class.  Aka I no longer have to get up at 5:30!!!  Whether or not I'll actually be able to sleep in is another story, but... 

We're changing it up a bit today with a fun little survey that P tagged me with.  Thanks, girl!

Let's dive right in!

A:  Attached or single?
Single and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon.  I'd much rather hang out with my horse! :P

B:  Best friend?  
Someone who I've known for the past 14 years.  She was my next door neighbor when I was little, and while we don't live next door anymore, we are still as close as two friends can be. :)

C:  Cake or pie? 
Hm, depends on the flavor.  I would say generally cake, but only if lots of frosting is involved. ;-)  I do love my dads lemon/key lime pies and pumpkin pie is usually a win with me.  If it's chocolate pie versus chocolate cake?  I'll take both, please.

D:  Day of choice?
I would say Saturday, but since I have to work most of the day on Saturday, I'll go with Sunday.  That's all going to change soon though as my summer class is about to end!  Then my favorite day of the week will probably change weekly. ;-)  During the school year though, definitely Saturday!

E:  Essential item?
Sunglasses!  I won't leave the house without them.  I love the sun, but there's only so much of it my eyes can handle.

F:  Favorite color?
I've always said green, but I do also love blue-greens and purple/pink tones.

G: Gummy bears or worms?
Sour worms all the way!  You would think I would be partial to gummy bears as my dad has a certain, shall we say, fondness for them.  Overall though, I would choose chocolate over gummy candy any day.  Especially since gummy candy can get really chewy if the bag gets left open (that's why you CLOSE the bags, dad! ;-) ).

H:  Home town?
I was born in one of those cities that are broken down into millions of little "sub-cities," and I know it was one of those - but I'm not sure which one!  I know it was in Colorado though!

I:  Favorite indulgence?
New food product shopping!  I ALWAYS see new foods that I want to try, but I also try to be really cautious with price/spending money and sometimes the two don't mix well!

J:  January or July?
July, July, and July.  Why?  Well, July just screams summer which in turn hollers barbecuing, flip flops, and the SUN!  And January means the Christmas season is over which is just kind of depressing...

K:  Kids?
Um, no, I don't have any... actually, I take that back.  I have a dog that I chase around all day, a cat that knows how to throw a temper tantrum only too well, and a horse that whines when he doesn't get to pasture.  But in spite of all this, I love them!

L:  Life isn't complete without...?
Chocolate.  No explanation necessary.  And my family, of course.  

M:  Marriage date?
Um, unless it's to my horse (see answer to A), then not anytime soon.

N:  Number of siblings?
One big bruddah!  And, of course, he's awesome.  I'm sure most of the other younger siblings will agree that big brothers are the best.  Who else would tease you about everything you do? ;-)

O:  Oranges are apples? 
Apples.  I eat one every. single. day.

EDIT: I forgot to do P and Q!  Whoops!

P:  Phobias?
I've always said I'm claustrophobic, but I don't think it's a true phobia, just a fear.

Q;  Quotes?
I love pretty much any "life" quotes, but this is one of my favorites:
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
-Mae West

R:  Reasons to smile?
How about the fact that we simply exist?  I think that's a reason to smile!  Along with the fact that I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, and the best pets in the world (and no, I'm not at all biased ;-) ).

S:  Season of choice?  
That's a tough one.  The runner-ups are summer and winter.  Summer for obvious reasons and winter because it involves Christmas.

T:  Tag 5 people...


U:  Unknown fact about me?
I did gymnastics for many years when I was younger.  I really liked vault and of course trampoline ;-).  I actually wasn't too bad at it all either, but they wouldn't move me to the next level because I couldn't do a handstand forward roll for the life of me.  Though now I can't even do a handstand so....  But anyway, I do kind of miss it, and gymnastics is my favorite sport to watch during the Olympics.

V:  Vegetable?
I pretty much love them all (when cooked right)!  Though I would have to say that broccoli is my absolute favorite ;-).  It's an obsession that my grandpa shares with me so I say I get it come from him (never mind that he isn't actually related).

W:  Worst habit?
I can think of more things that I don't do that I should than I do that I shouldn't.  One being that I hardly ever stretch after working out.  I know it's bad, but when I'm done working out, I want to be DONE and move on to something else!  I really should start stretching though... I think my body would greatly appreciate it.

X:  X-rays or ultrasounds?
How about neither?  I'd rather just stay away from the doctor, thank you.

Y:  Your favorite food?
Ice cream.  That's a no-brainer.

Z:  Zodiac sign?
Taurus.  I wish I was a Gemini though, just because that's what I named my dog (she isn't even a Gemini either haha).  Once I bought two Gemini charms and put one on her collar and one on a necklace for me.  Call me a nerd all you want, but I love my doggie!

Your turn!  Answer one of the questions above!


06/28/2013 08:53

Hooray I've been tagged! I hardly ever stretch after working out either. Bad habit!

06/29/2013 09:02

Well we can both work on it! ;-)


Gymnastics, how fun! I always wish that I had taken classes when I was younger and bendier. I had a few friends that could do, like, 10 back handsprings in a row and I was always so jealous :P

06/29/2013 09:03

I would be jealous too - I never got that far haha!

06/28/2013 10:16

I totally feel you on the waking up early part! I have to wake up at 5:15am for three days of week, which leaves my body to wake up around the same time the other four!

06/29/2013 09:04

Isn't it frustrating?! Getting into a routine like that is no fun :(

06/28/2013 12:23

Whoo! Thanks so much for tagging me in this :) It is going to sound incredibly stupid but I have been seeing this survey float around and was hoping that someone would tag me so I could participate :) I love surveys and you just basically made my day.

A and G totally. Single and loving it (most of the time) and I would take sour gummy worms any day!! Interesting factoid about the gymnastics. I did it too when I was younger but got way too tall. Haha.

06/29/2013 09:08

That doesn't sound stupid at all! I usually feel the same when I see a survey. I know I could just fill it out even if I don't get tagged, but it just isn't the same! It made my day that I made yours. :)

Haha yeah I got kind of tall for it too... height has its advantages and its disadvantages ;-)

06/28/2013 15:44

Ah! I have one older brother, too :) AND I also eat an apple every day!

06/29/2013 09:09

I guess apples and brothers are just that awesome ;-)


Every time that I try to sleep in these days, I never can! I guess my body is just so used to waking up by around 6 or 6:30 every morning. Anytime that I make it past 8 on the weekends I am happy ;).

06/29/2013 09:10

I totally feel you. Though sleeping in till 8? I'm jealous haha. I consider it a major success if I make it to 7 ;-)

06/29/2013 10:14

I have one older brother too! Yay! Same here with the single thing girl. Single and (not so) ready to mingle! I have a cat too, so I'm pretty sure I'm practically a mom. I'm writing this after a run that I totally haven't stretched after. Guilty! Better do that!

07/02/2013 12:51

Haha stretching is so hard to remember to do. In fact, I also just went for a run and haven't stretched yet! Whoops...


Love your answer to A. So happy I found your blog. I love meeting other lovely ladies my age! I also love meeting other ladies who don't know how to sleep in like I do. My body loves to wake up by 7 the latest! Maybe it's just my mind telling me breakfast is waiting? :)

07/02/2013 12:52

I'm so glad you found my blog too!
Haha, I think that the thought of breakfast is definitely what is most responsible for my inability to sleep in. ;-)

06/30/2013 23:02

This survey sounds like so much fun! Hahaha and I feel the same way about A :)

07/02/2013 12:53

I'm glad I'm not the only one haha.

07/01/2013 01:23

Yayy officially out of school! And what kind of horse do you have? :)

07/02/2013 12:54

I have a dark bay Morgan gelding! He's the love of my life for sure. :)

07/01/2013 12:18

Yahoooo thanks for the tag!! This survey is FUN!!! Your reason to smile made me smile, and I love that you are all about your horse. Guys are too much drama!!

07/02/2013 12:55

Haha I agree! Horses are just better all around. ;-)

07/01/2013 16:04

Yayy I love surveys- this was a fun one! Cracking up about the million little cities and how you don't remember the name :)
My fav color is green too!

07/02/2013 12:57

Haha I don't think I will ever understand why they don't just call it all one big city! I mean, I guess the "mini" cities give a more exact location, but they're just so many of them!

07/02/2013 11:21

Oh! Didn't even see this tag until now! Hahaha omg I totally have the same bad habit.... I just don't want to stretttccchhh! My boyfriend literally stops me every time we go to the gym together and makes me haha. I like to throw a fake temper tantrum when that happens, but I definitely need it.

07/02/2013 12:59

Haha well if I ever get a boyfriend, I need to make sure that he also forces me to stretch. Though I would probably throw a fake temper tantrum every time too. ;-)

07/02/2013 21:16

I love watching Olympic gymnastics. That, swimming, and track and field events are the most fun.


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