Hello everyone!  So, who's ready for the weekend?  Me, me, I am!!  No need to be at work at eight?  Yes, please.  I great day for a late morning (maybe 7?!) indeed.

But today, I wanted to share some new products that I have discovered lately.  They might not be new news to any of you, but they're new to me!  Hopefully there'll be something in here that you haven't tried yet.

First up we haaaaaave (drumroll, please)....
Quinoa Mac and Cheese!  Overall, I thought this was pretty good.  However, I thought the corn flavor was a little too pronounced.  Also, the "cheese" was more of a reddish-orange color instead of yellow which is fine, but it through be off a bit as I was expecting yellow!  As far as boxed mac and cheese goes, I prefer Annie's white cheddar, but this was still good and I would probably buy it again.  I enjoyed a large heap of it next to steamed broccoli and honey mustard (even if honey mustard isn't the star of the show, you better bet it will make an appearance ;) ).
Next up, we have SO Delicious almond milk ice cream.  I was really excited to see this as I love my almond milk, but the flavor was a bit odd.  The texture was great though - super creamy - and the cookie pieces were delicious.  The flavor did grow on me a bit as I definitely liked this better the second time I had it.  I won't have any problem finishing this, but I think in the future I'll stick to other brands.
EDIT:  I just realized that my nails look, um, like they could use a good cleaning... I guess between working on a vegetable farm and owning a horse they're kind of hopeless.  I'll try to keep my pictures free of them in the future (or maybe I should just clean them???).

I've noticed rice cakes floating around the blogosphere several times, but up until a few days ago, I had never purchased any.  They just never appealed to me, and the one time I did have one, served on an airplane, I felt like I was eating a salt block.  Um, no thank you.  But when I saw caramel corn flavored rice cakes at the store, I decided why not.  I'm all for second chances after all. 
So one morning, I had one of those little guys smothered with coconut peanut butter + blueberry fruit spread (I decided to go the sweet route this time):
I had it with the last of a tub of Fage 2% Greek yogurt with plenty of Kind Vanilla Blueberry Clusters granola (aka the best granola on the planet) and...
A huge bowl of berries.
So the verdict on the rice cake?  Pretty tasty!  I loved the crunch.  When it doubt, go the sweet route.  Actually, always go the sweet route.  It will never let you down.

Next, I tried some new granola.  This granola, to be exact:
I had this this morning with a sliced banana and almond milk.
I've also had it with Greek yogurt and fresh berries, and I must say that I'm a fan.  The coconut flavor could be stronger (words of a true coconut lover right there), but I still love it.  It's pretty sweet to my taste buds, but that's always a win in my book.

I had the granola along with a new Greek yogurt brand and flavor:
I remember eating numerous key lime pie Yoplait yogurts when I was little so when I saw this, I just couldn't turn it down.  I loved this.  They key lime was very pronounced, it wasn't too sweet (just right), and really creamy.  My future is clear - and it's filled with this yogurt.  All those fancy Greek yogurts out there, and I rave about Yoplait.  I guess that just proves that name isn't everything (though don't worry, I still love my Chobani and Fage!).

While that yogurt was pretty awesome, I saved the very best for last.  I was kind of late jumping on the Quest bar bandwagon as I couldn't find them, but since trying the following, I am officially hooked.
I'm not sure if it tasted exactly like a cinnamon roll, I was just focused on how incredibly awesome it tasted.  Of course, I microwaved it for a few seconds as everyone has suggested; then I savored every. last. bite. as I realized just how fantastic life is.  Dramatic enough?  Well the point is, I highly recommend it.  And I can't wait to try some other flavors!

Have you tried any of these products?  Thoughts on them?


06/01/2013 11:29

I haven't tried quinoa mac and cheese, but I have had their pasta and it wasn't bad for a GF pasta! I loveee rice cakes and that ice cream, but haven't tried either of those flavors!! Ohh I love finding new products!

06/02/2013 10:04

Aren't new products so much fun?!

GF pasta can be tricky. I've had brown rice pasta before and the flavor was tasty, but it was kind of gooey. At least the quinoa pasta is pretty good texture wise (though isn't best cold)!


Caramel corn rice cakes?? Yum! I will definitely be trying those!

06/06/2013 07:46

They're pretty tasty! I hope you like them!

06/02/2013 21:16

I tried that same coconut ice cream a few weeks ago and had the exact same thoughts as you did! Delish cookie bites, good texture but yeah, the actual "ice cream" was just ehhh. The vanilla bean one is my absolute favorite and I don't think I will be straying away anytime soon!
I also love the Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar (although chocolate chip and apple pie are my favorite :) )
Love these kinds of posts, it's always fun to see what products are out there that people like!

06/06/2013 07:47

Oh I'll have to try vanilla bean! :)

06/03/2013 09:46

I've tried the greek yogurt and quest bar and am in love. The dairy free ice cream and quinoa that seems like macaroni now are on my grocery list. OMG talk about amazing and tempting. I'm sold!

06/06/2013 07:48

It's hard to go wrong with ice cream and mac and cheese in any form ;-)

06/04/2013 12:46

Great finds! I've tried corn quinoa pagodas from my local co-op's bulk bins and my boyfriend loved it! (I might of not told him it was quinoa)

I also have those rice cakes in our pantry almost all the time for easy breakfast. Nut butter + sliced banana takes less then two minutes to prepare. I haven't tried the caramel flavor but I'm in love with the cinnamon ones!

06/06/2013 07:48

I'll have to try the rice cakes with bananas! Sounds wonderful :)

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