So I guess I didn't realize how much I missed blogging because as soon as I finished my last post, I was itching to write another one.  So here I am.  I thought I would show you all some recent, non-cafeteria food.  While I was overall fairly impressed with the cafeteria at my school, nothing is better than some home cooked food, or anything other than cafeteria food really.  Good or not, after eight months of it, it gets a bit old.  Oh and I updated my about me page because I'm not exactly 16 or in high school any more.  And they say time warps don't exist.  Ha!

So let's start with Mother's Day, shall we?  I gave my mom the gift of food with a home-cooked brunch.
Lemon Poppyseed Muffins, fresh fruit, and Mushroom, Roasted Garlic, and Gruyere Crustless Quiche.
The muffin recipe can be found here.  I've made a few lemon poppyseed muffins at home before, but these were my favorite.  They were super moist and packed in some serious lemon flavor (of course, I did use at least one, maybe two tablespoons of zest instead of just one teaspoon; better watch out, between these muffins and my obsession with eating them raw, I might just turn into a lemon).  I also used whole grain pastry flour, and it worked beautifully.  The fresh fruit was, well, fresh fruit, so of course it was delicious.  The quiche was a modified version of a recipe I found on-line and turned out mighty tasty if I do say so myself.  I'll try to post the recipe soon!

While I didn't make dinner by myself, I did help!
Now that may look rather like an Aspen log bleeding, er, white blood, but I assure you that that is not what it tasted like.  That was Feta Chicken in Phyllo (well, Feta Chickpea in Phyllo for my "log") from Colorado Collage.  It was a mixture of spinach, feta, and chickpeas (and some other stuff) rolled in phyllo and then baked to amazingness (spell check says "amazingness" isn't a word... I'm going to have to have a chat with my spell check; it clearly has issues).
On the side we had Mediterranean Couscous from the same cookbook.  It had whole wheat couscous (obviously), tomatoes, greek olives, feta, green onions, parsley, cucumber, toasted pine nuts (toasted pine nuts >> plain pine nuts), olive oil, lemon juice, and probably some other stuff I don't remember.  It. was. awesome.  Definitely had seconds!  Overall, a very successful day of eats, enjoyed by everyone!

One evening, I went out with my family to the Macaroni Grill.  I did the build your own pasta because, well, it's just so much fun!
Gluten-free pasta (because I could), broccoli rabe, asparagus, roasted garlic, roasted eggplant, shrimp, and tomato sauce.
Quick story: I got to the sauce section, and there were like three sauces that I had no clue what they were.  It turns out one was a red sauce with meat, one was a spicy red sauce, and the other was a classic tomato sauce (which I got).  I figured one might be a red sauce, but all of them?  I just thought one might be something kind of exotic - not the case unless you would call red sauce exotic, which I, personally, would not.  I mean, it's kind of everywhere...

Not the prettiest picture in the world, but below is Quinoa Broccoli Casserole.  Of course, I added extra cheese because there is no such thing as too much cheese.  Period.
It's a good thing we likes this because there was a TON of leftovers!  But that's never a bad thing.  It's delicious eaten straight from the fridge!  We didn't have any Italian oregano so I used Mexican oregano and apparently, the same spice can taste quite different depending on it's nationality.  Who knew?  More importantly, since when do spices even have nationalities??  Maybe it's common; if so, I clearly need to get out more.

I'll make this next picture the last, since this post getting kind of looooong.
Banana pancakes.  So simple yet so delicious.  I don't know when complicated, intricate meals became viewed as the tastiest.  While that can be true, sometimes nothing beats a little simplicity.  The above pancakes were made by mashing one black (and I mean black) banana that was about to head to the grave and then mixing in 1/3 cup buckwheat pancake mix, one heaping teaspoon cinnamon, a splash of vanilla extract, and enough almond milk to make a batter.  Once cooked, I topped them with peanut flour sauce (peanut flour + water) and moooore cinnamon.  Complexity is seriously overrated.  Oh and, um, these make for a delicious dinner.  Pancakes for dinner are totally acceptable, just sayin'.

Do you agree that simple is sometimes better than complex?

Have a great week everyone!


05/27/2013 17:54

So glad you found my blog :) I just checked out your about me page and I'm a strange combination major too! Chem/communications. People ask all the time what I want to do with it. Oh, and I spent last summer in Denmark. Amazing city. Anyways, all of your food looks SO GOOD. Especially that casserole. Now I'm bugging my mom about having dinner ready ;)

05/27/2013 19:16

So happy to meet a fellow chem major! :) People ask me what I'm going to do with my majors all the time too. I don't know right now, I just know that they're the two things I enjoy haha! And yes Denmark is amazing! I was only able to spend a few days there, but I definitely want to go back someday.

05/27/2013 18:29

YES, good ingredients can be left simple and delicious! Your eats in this post look to die for:) Drooling!


Oh my goodness, that feta chickpea in phyllo looks amaaaaazing! I wish that I could eat that right this instant! ;)


OMG lemon poppyseed muffins??? Can you just mail me a batch PLEASE? :) They look amazing girl - I bet they taste even better!

05/27/2013 20:23

Haha they'll be on their way soon ;)

05/27/2013 21:38

I crave simplicity!! I am all for it with everything including recipes. That pasta looks so so these pancakes!

05/28/2013 15:55

Totally no such thing as too much cheese! That casserole looks delicious. I'm always a fan of adding cheese and then some to any dish! :) And I'm a fan of simple foods. Can't go wrong with banana pancakes!


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