So here's how it went the night I made this:

Mom: "What are you making?  It smells really good."
Me: "A pumpkin sauce for pasta."
Mom: "Is it for dinner tonight?"
Me: "Well, it's only one serving because I didn't know how it would turn out.  But you can try some!"
*My grandma enters the room*
Grandma: "That smell wonderful!  I think I'll stay and have dinner with you." (She and my dad were going to go for a drive.)
Me (to myself): Oh dear, I'm in trouble.
*My dad enters the room*
Dad: "Is that dinner??  That smells good."

Moral of story:  If you make this, make sure you're alone. 
Pumpkin Pasta Sauce
Inspired by this lovely lady

1 teaspoon butter or coconut oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
Heaping 1/3 cup canned pumpkin
1 tablespoon sherry (optional but highly recommended)
1/3 cup water

1 oz goat cheese
Handful of spinach
Salt, to taste (I didn't actually add any, but I think in this case, it would have brought out the flavors any more)
1 cooked serving of pasta (I used whole wheat with flax)

Heat the butter in a non-stick skillet and saute the garlic.  Just before the garlic begins to brown, add the pumpkin, sherry, and water.  Stir until smooth and then add the goat cheese and continue stirring.  Allow the mixture to heat through and bubble a little, and then add the spinach.  Continue cooking until the spinach wilts.  Serve over cooked pasta of choice.
What's your favorite way to use pumpkin?


I just stumbled across your blog through Meg's (A Dash of Meg) and I'm sooo glad I did because this looks amazing!

My favourite way to eat pumpkin is in oatmeal and other sweet dishes... I haven't really tried it in too many savory dishes. But I definitely need to make this. :D

10/09/2011 10:13

This looks so good!! Loveeee the ingredients!!!

10/09/2011 10:38

What a unique (and tasty looking!) idea! I'm very traditional.. I love my pumpkin pie ;)

10/09/2011 14:13

Pumpkin recipes are taking over the blog world! I'm glad to see you use it in such a unique way. It sounds delicious!

10/10/2011 03:48

ah i have never had pumpkin pasta sauce, but i am currently in LOVE with everything pumpkin, so i am definately going to have to try some of that for my next pasta dish! and i just went to katies cookie recipe and its titled as 'worlds healthiest choc chip cookie' so i guess that means i can extra right??

10/10/2011 06:06

Oh my word, I can just imagine that glorious smell now! Yum thanks for sharing! :)


I just mixed pumpkin into my rice and was wondering what other ways it could be combined with carb-age. Looks like you've nailed it on the head ;)
This looks delicious!


10/10/2011 12:22

What a great idea and use of pumpkin! I tend to only use it for sweet stuff, so switching it up for a savory use is a welcomed change

10/10/2011 12:40

As usual, stunning and delicious!! Pumpkin pasta is soooo amazing. It's creamy and just delightful in every way! I love the addition of sherry. I bet that brings it to the next level! I'll definitely have to try it sometime.

10/10/2011 14:04

oh my! i can almost smell it! mmmmmm! :-)

10/10/2011 15:46

this looks delicious! i just bought a can of pumpkin so looks like i'll be making this soon :)

10/11/2011 01:36

YUM! This looks so good! I love Pumpkin pasta! And plain roasted pumpkin, and pumpkin soup with lots of coconut oil :)

10/11/2011 04:31

That looks amazing! I love pasta sauces made with squash. So creamy! And luckily I live alone so I don't have to worry about people stealing my pasta. :)

10/12/2011 13:32

It DID smell
wonderful! I didn't get to see the final product disappear but I enjoyed the ride.

10/13/2011 19:19

LOL! Recipes that have people trying to share are always the good ones. ;) Looks yum! Hope you're enjoying fall eats. :)

10/15/2011 00:03

That's hilarious - hope you got some of it in the end!I'm not that keen on pumpkin but I love squash in porridge and in HEAB's baked custard :-)

10/17/2011 13:47

Looks SO GOOD!

10/26/2011 04:08

Pretty! Oh, and I nominated you for Liebster. :)

Your blog is cute, even if I don't comment as often as I should. :P

11/04/2011 08:18

PUMPKIN Pasta Sauce?! I am in love. :)


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