Hello my lovely people!!!  I missed you all so much this past week!  The week was definitely veeeery busy, but it also ended very well!  In terms of school anyway.  Unfortunately, it also ended with a very, very tired Alex and an Alex with a sore throat (all those germs!).  Hopefully blogging and the three day weekend (enter hollers of joy here) will help me to feel better. ;)

So onto the facts!  The sweet, gorgeous Maxwell passed the Butterfly Blogger Award onto me!  Thanks so much girl! :D
So, here we go!!

Name your favorite color: Greeeeeeeen!!!!  Perhaps that's why I like broccoli and spinach so much??  But then again, I LOVE sweet potatoes and carrots, so there goes that theory. ;)

Name your favorite song: Okay, ready for this.... I don't really like music.  Strange, I know, but for some reason, I find it kind of annoying.  Although every once in a while, I do hear a song I like, but I never know the name of it!

Name your favorite dessert: My all-time favorite dessert would have to be Chili's molten lava cake.  Anyone ever had one??  SO GOOD!!  Although I haven't had one in forever.  Oh the horrors. ;)  And my mom's chocolate cream pie is INCREDIBLE!!  We have it every year at Christmas, and I think it's of my favorite parts about Christmas. ;)  As far as desserts I eat more frequently, peanut butter filled dates all the way. :P

What really annoys you?: I could probably right a list on this, but I think what annoys me the most is bad drivers.  Um, turn signals please.  Or, I was planning on getting to my destination today.  Or sometimes, this isn't the Indy 500!!!

When you are upset, you: Go ride my horse!  It makes me feel better every time! 

Your favorite pet: Sorry, but this is an impossible choice.  I love ALL my animals so much!

Black or white: White for sure!  It's so uplifting... black kind of seems depressing to me.  Although in terms of clothes... white is so hard to keep clean so I don't wear a lot of white!  But I don't wear a lot of black either (though I do have some black clothes that I love).  Kind of random, but hope it was interesting anyway! ;)

Your biggest fear: Small spaces.  Yep, I'm claustrophobic (maybe I should make the question "your smallest fear"... ;)

Best features: I love my hair!  And my smile :D :D

Everyday attitude: Happy and smiling!  Although when I get really tired, I get quiet and kind of grumpy... I need my rest!

What is perfection?: Loving ourselves for who we are.  As long as we learn to love and accept our kinks and quirks, I consider us perfect in our own way! :)

Guilty pleasure: Hmmm, I don't really have one.  I mean every once in a while, I'll get a DQ blizzard or something, but I'm talking once a year or so.  So I don't consider it guilty - I'm just enjoying a treat that I don't have that often. :P

So there you have it!  I know pass the award onto the following lovely bloggers:

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Well, that's all I have for you guys for now!  Excpect a recap of my Spanish food making experience in my next post (dun, dun, dunnnnn!!!!).

Have a wonderful weekend!



09/02/2011 14:56

I think this post is super cute! :D

You too have a fabulous weekend!!

09/02/2011 15:01

Green is my favorite color too. :) Never heard someone say they didn't like music, but I bet you pay much more attention to the sounds around you than a lot of others do!

09/02/2011 15:30

Loved reading your answers!
I'm totally with ya for Chili's molten lava cake and horseback riding to ease stress!! That glorious cake's the epitome of the best dessert ever, I haven't had one in so long...I think I know where I wanna go out to eat tomorrow haha ;)

09/02/2011 16:27

I love your hair too :) Bad drivers drive me crazy!! I've never tried chili's lava cake... but it sounds amazing! My best friend makes a killer lava cake so I know I absolutely adore it.

09/03/2011 03:16

I am soo jealous that you have a horse! I used to ride horses when I was younger (at camp, in lessons, and such) but stopped because it became too expensive :(

09/03/2011 04:26

Your welcome! :D I loved reading your answers! It is funny that you don't like music that much! I don't like it as much as most people at my school and they think I am weird, but to think it is annoying sometimes is something I have never heard anyone say! Tis interesting. :)

I hope your throat gets better soon! <3

09/03/2011 04:57

Thank you so much! I'm really flattered :-)
Really hope you feel better and enjoy your long weekend!

09/03/2011 21:44

Hi cutie :) Love to learn all these new things about you! Chili's molten lava cake sounds absolutely delicious- and if it has chocolate, Im aaaall for it ;)

And I agree, you have a beautiful smile :D

Wish you a great Sunday <3

09/04/2011 04:30

Awh! You are so sweet! Thanks for linking me. :) I love how you described your guilty pleasure -- it's not a "guilt," it's something that you enjoy every once in a while. I love that about you! You are absolutely beautiful and just so amazing!!! :)

09/04/2011 05:07

Aw thanks for tagging me! You don't like music? Gasp! Actually, I'm terrible with recognizing song and artists too. Chili's molten lava cake...never had it, but just the name makes me drool!

09/04/2011 05:49

Thanks for the tag! I loved reading your facts!


I've never met anybody who doesn't like music before! How interesting :)

09/04/2011 13:07

ohhh mygawd. molten lava cake-CHECK! chilis does make it pretty bomb, can't deny it:) I've missed you! I need to get this boootay back in the blogging world to reconnect with all ya'll! I'll be back soon:)


This is so cute. and I can't believe you don't like music! I don't know what I would do without music. Sometimes, thats the only way I get through my day. :P &I'm annoyed by other drivers as well. Turn signals were put into cars for a reason-to use them when you turn! hahaha. :P


I loved reading these facts about you! My favorite color is green too, and I don't like small places. Or being stuck in places like an airplane or subway!

09/04/2011 17:33

Man it sounds like I Really need to try the molten lava cake!!!! I think I'd like it ;)

09/04/2011 19:38

It has been waaay too long since I had a DQ blizzard! I always got the cookie dough :). Hope you feel better soon!

09/05/2011 08:26

Fun survey - my favorite color is green too!


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