Hey everyone!
Here I go again - putting off recaps and recipes.  But oh well.  This is what I wanted to do today so this is what I am doing!  I will return to recaps and recipes eventually, but that's for another day. ;)

Someday, I hope to do a WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) post, but for now, I'll just show you guys what I ate Thursday instead (gotta start somewhere, right?).

After seeing Ellie have OIAJ, I knew that that was what I wanted for breakfast!  It's been forever since I've had OIAJ, and it was time to bring back an old favorite!
So into the not-very-empty jar of peanut butter (there was a lot of peanut butter left on the bottom... mmmm) went a very heaping serving of steal-cut oats.  I take steal-cut oats over rolled oats any day!  The only complaint: the serving is 1/4 cup.  Um, what?  Definitely not enough for me, hence the very heaping serving. ;)  On top of the oats...
... wheat germ!!  What's shown times about 20.  I'm absolutely loving the wheat germ on oatmeal combo!!  My OIAJ were devoured along with green tea and fresh mango (normally store-boughten mangos are just okay, but this one was more than just okay -  SO good!! :D).
And yes, that is a snowman and Christmas tree on my mug.  Who says you can't enjoy cute snowmen in the middle of summer?
A close-up of the mango:
After breakfast, I went and rode my horsey!  He was such a good boy, and it was so much fun!
For a snack when I got back...
PEANUT BUTTER FILLED PRETZELS!!!!  I think I'm addicted to these things.  I don't even want to tell you how many I eat on an average day.  Can we just leave it with lots?  Okay.  Moving on...
Love my bowl, don't you?  Haha, it's actually one of those big heart shaped serving bowls.  So much fun to eat from!  It it is steamed veggies (carrots, broccoli, zucchini - from my neighbors garden, and sugar snap peas), a heaping serving of cooked bulgar (I always make heaping servings when it comes to grain - I never think their serving is enough!), and a whole bunch of Katie's Crazy-Good Ranch.  The name described the dressing pretty well, but it doesn't quite do it justice.  Maybe Incredible-ForgetTheSaladAndGrabASpoon Ranch would be a bit better?  Yes, I think so. ;) Love that dressing.  Great on veggies/grains and by multiple spoonfuls (not that I would know or anything... okay maybe I would know, but that's beside the point. ;)  
Lunch was served with more fresh mango.  Nom, nom.

A little later in the afternoon, my brother and I went and played tennis!
Not sure where the ball is?
Haha, this picture makes me laugh every time I see it! There I am - standing there and smiling - and there goes the ball, right past me.
We had so much fun!  We hit it back and forth a bit, and then we got into some trick shots.  My brother did a behind the back, and I did an under the leg.  It was epic.  AND I only hit the ball out of the court once, so I considered it a major success.  
After tennis, we hit the grocery store and then went home and had dinner.  After seeing Ann Claire use an english muffin as a hamburger bun, I knew I had to try it!  So I cooked up a Sunshine falafel burger (love that flavor!), and served it on a whole grain english muffin with avocado and fresh sliced cucumber and bell pepper on the side:
And a close up of the burger:
Even though it's hard to tell, the english muffin was spread with pesto!  Yum!  Given the chance, I think I would choose an english muffin over a hamburger bun any day.  Sooo yummy! :)
Dinner was followed by dessert - Chocolate Macadamia Oat Bar!!

Do you like wheat germ?  Ever had it on oatmeal?
Do you like steal cut oat?
Do you make heaping servings of grain?
Ever had peanut butter filled pretzels?
Do you like to play tennis?

Wow, a lot of questions!  I was just trying to, um, give you lots of choices.  Choices are always a good thing, right?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :)



08/05/2011 07:52

I'm answering every question!
Do you like wheat germ? Ever had it on oatmeal? I don't know if I like wheat germ because I've never had it! I might have to check it out.. I wonder if it's sold in bulk bins?
I love steel cut oats and it's been far too long since I've had them! I used to make them in the slow cooker overnight, or if I forgot to do that I would make them while I was at school and eat them for dinner!
I used to make heaping servings of quinoa at the beginning of the week but I sort of fell off that. I want to do that again -- I haven't had it in ages!
I love peanut butter pretzels, but can't keep them around because they are like drugs! So addicting!
I'm terrible at tennis. That's all I can say about that.
One more thing: sunshine falafel burgers = love!

08/05/2011 10:09

OIAJ used to be one of my favorite breakfasts before I found out I was allergic to oats! Ahh soooo good :) Best way to start off the day!
I've never tried wheat germ before, but it sounds really cool! And I think peanut butter pretzels are filled with some sort of drug because they're truly addicting haha ;)
Hope you have a great weekend too!

08/05/2011 13:18

You are HILARIOUS!!! And have I told you that you're adorable? Only about a billion and a half times, right?

I definitely like your ranch name better than mine. From now on, you are my official recipe namer ;).

Also, your macadamia bars look sooooo yummy... maybe because they are covered in chocolate?


I love overnight oats, always a great way to start off the morning. I've never tried wheat germ before but not for any particular reason, I will have to check it out :)


I do like wheat germ, but have yet to try it ON my oatmeal. I'm going to have to try that out :)

Also, major props for not waiting until your nut butter jar was completely empty to have oats in a jar. I'm guilty of this too!

08/06/2011 12:03

I ALWAYS have burgers on English muffins -it's my favorite!

08/06/2011 13:00

English muffins make the best burger buns!
Let's see...Nope, haven't tried wheat bran. Perhaps I should?
My dad always makes steel cut oats. I love 'em, but they take so long to cook! Because of that I prefer rolled oats.
Yep, the serving size is so tiny!
YES! Love pb pretzels.
I like it fine, but I'm not that good at it. Major props to you for only hitting the ball outside of the court once!

08/06/2011 13:53

I love the sweet red peppers you used for garnish (or was that just eating?) I have some fresh garden tomatoes that were given to me this afternoon, been thinking of a tomato sandwich so all I have is English muffins therefore here goes my experement!

08/06/2011 14:31

I'm TERRIBLE at tennis! I like wheatgerm and have only just bought steel cut oats so I'll give 'em a try tomotrrow :-)

08/07/2011 00:15

I've never had wheatgerm. What's it taste like?

Looks like you at least had fun with tennis. ;)

08/08/2011 09:58

aww you're so cute girl! I love how you and your bro are close like that. I say YES to all your Qs!! Except for the tennis one....I mean, it's fun and all--but I never tried it properly and struggled with it lol. I should give it another try--I heard it makes your arms LONGER!!! :D Have a beautiful day and take care!

08/09/2011 05:19

I am in love with peanut butter pretzels, too. I could eat a pound of them if I wasn't being careful!

08/09/2011 14:52

Heyy lady I just found your blog from the Amanda's and love it!
You are hilarious and the fact that you love those pretzels makes me happy as I adore them too :)
Can't wait to read more of your blog!


It seems that you have had a wonderful time the Thursday. People like me get stuck with work and spend all day in the office. It would be so nice to spend sometime like you did.

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