Yep, not a recipe, not a recap...

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone's week is off to a fantastic start! :D

So I wanted to show you all a new favorite combo that I've eaten non-stop over the last few days.  After seeing Alexandra mix protein powder and/or nut butter with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, I knew it would make an appearance in one of my future meals.  Little did I know it would take over all my future meals for the next few days!  "A 'healthy diet' should consist of a variety of different foods," is something I've always heard.  Oops.  Variety?  That word wasn't really a part of my vocabulary over the last few days as I happily munched on numerous yogurt/cottage cheese combinations piled onto a toasted english muffin.  But a healthy diet is also eating what you crave, so it's all good, right?  Right?  Anywho, healthy or not, I couldn't stop eating it!  I didn't take a picture of every one, but here's a few:
Cottage cheese mixed with almond butter and cinnamon (I also mixed AB and cinnamon with Greek yogurt a lot).
Pesto mixed with Greek yogurt (and Photobooth saves the day again!).
Terra's Whey blueberry protein powder mixed with Greek yogurt.
And a close up of the fries:
Those would be Katie's Butter(nut) Me Up Fries and, of course, her dressing. (You didn't think I could actually do a post without one of Katie's recipes did you? ;) Now I strongly dislike regular ole' fries, but sweet potatoes fries are a different story and so are these fries!  The little matchsticks of butternut squash above cooked to perfection were little bites of heaven in my mouth.  I even saved them for last, which, if you know me, means it was my favorite thing on my plate.  Even above the yogurt mixture on english muffin.  Now that's saying something!

When all my cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and english muffins disappeared, I had resort to some of my other favorites, one being Tempah!
Grilled tempah with sweet and spicy mustard, a mix of steamed veggies, and puffins in almond milk.
You may be wondering why I've never blogged about tempah before if it's one of my favorites.  The truth is, I don't get tempah very often.  Why?  My stomach and tempah are enemies.  Every time I eat it, it turns my stomach upside down.  But every once in a while, the discomfort is worth the taste. ;)

Another favorite?  Panera's Greek salad with the whole grain baguette:
Last night's dinner. I also had some (un-pictured) peanut butter stuffed dates for dessert.
Grrr, I don't like it when they put the dressing on the side!  This may sound gross, but I like my lettuce leaves limp from being soaked in dressing.  I know a salad is supposed to have crisp lettuce leaves, but I just don't like it that way.
Of course, Panera's Greek salad tastes nothing like a real Greek salad, but it's still delicious in its own way!  Nom nom :)

Is there a food or food combination that you liked so much you ate it non-stop?

Have a great day everyone!



I would have never even thought to combine the two of those!! Thanks for sharing, I'm getting on that asap haha

And I loveeeeee Panera's Greek salad. Have you ever tried the fuji apple chicken salad?

08/09/2011 08:58

YAY!!! Ahh I'm SO glad you love it! (thanks for the link too heehee) I'm freaking addicted, I have to have the combo at least once a day or else I'd go kookoo bananas :D
Pesto and greek yogurt sounds like the coolest combo, mmmm I would've never thought to try those two!

08/09/2011 12:37

uhh lets just say I tend to demolish muffins really fast. That's why I can only bake 6 at a time. That should cover me maybe 2 - 3 days, but I need to keep the flavors changing! Also every night I have a mix of pumpkin, yogurt, tofu mousse, and cottage cheese which I put in the freezer so it gets super cold, but not long enough to freeze!
ps. I actually love all the things you posted. I like to eat the cottage cheese and almond butter on a rice cake for some crunch!

08/09/2011 13:29

Hey! I found your website through Alexandra's page and want to give you a little shout out!(which was the hey at the beginning :) I love your blog so far! I have read around 3 posts and I look forward to reading more :)

08/09/2011 19:34

Mmmm nut butters and cottage cheese IS good! I know its not very healthy, but I LOVE pancakes with pudding on top :)

08/10/2011 04:25

I've never had nut butters and cottage cheese! The pesto and greek yogurt one sounds interesting. I'll have to try that. Lately I've been eating granola, almond milk and frozen blueberries for breakfast nearly everyday. The milk sticks to the blueberries and it's so yummy!

08/10/2011 07:11

If that plate had been in front of me with the cottage cheese and English muffins...holy moly they would have been consumed in .5 seconds flat :) Yumm that is such a great combination, I love it too!
I am addicted to sweet potatoes topped with plain Greek yogurt and almond butter... I could literally live on this everyday!

08/10/2011 14:59

I love all your combinations! You are very creative and everything looks so good! I love Panera's Thai Chicken salad. Have you tried it yet/ So good!

08/10/2011 18:38

Mmm, food looks good. I've admired those fries for a while now... I need to make them!

I cannot stop putting sesame seeds on goat cheese, then spreading them on salads, pitas, etc.

08/12/2011 13:08

Ooh, pesto and yoghurt or nut butter and yoghurt sound delicious... they look great too!
I can't get enough of strawberry jam and coconut butter at the moment - on toast, rice cakes, spoons... ;-)
And I agree with your most recent post - indecisiveness is definitely a quality!

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