Hey hey, everyone!!  Ten days since I've blogged?!  No, I refuse to accept the truth.  School just makes life so busy!!  I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.  But at least (for me anyway) school's been pretty fun!  I'm especially excited for my culture project this weekend (more about that at the end of the post), and leading a group discussion about a short story on Monday.  Luckily, I've somehow found some time for cooking. ;)  But unfortunately haven't had as much time for pictures.  I also really wanted to make my peanut butter spelt bagels again before school, but the horse show (which was soooo much fun, by the way - the highlight was winning our western pleasure class!) stole all my time.  Maybe I'll get to it next weekend - this weekend is going to be super busy! 

So, onto the food!  

Honestly, I don't eat a lot of frozen food because fresh just tastes so much better!  But there are a few products that I do like, this being one of them:
The entire meal:
Burrito with steamed broccoli and avocado slices.
Burrito close-up:
I made a huge, fantastic salad one night!  This one included mixed greens, chickpeas, dried cranberries, goat cheese, tomatoes, Greek yogurt, and Colorado green chile.
With a side of bulgar (love that grain!):
So when I saw Ashley make Cake Batter Cashew Butter, I simply couldn't contain myself (I mean, sprinkles were involved!), and so later that day, this became a new addition to my pantry:
Um, you have to make it!  That's about all I can say.  Seriously, it actually tasted like cake batter!  I halved the recipe when I made it because I didn't have a lot of cashews, but oh how I wish I had doubled the recipe!

On Thursday, my family and I were craving Greek food, and so we went to our favorite, local Greek place:
I ordered the falafel wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with Greek salad on the side (sorry for the flash - the taverna had awful lighting!):
Now seeing as falafels, hummus, and a salad with lettuce was included in this "Greek" meal, this meal wasn't really Greek at all, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fabulously delicious.  That wrap was the definition of incredible! :P

Last night's dinner:
Steamed broccoli, steamed corn on the cob from my neighbor's garden, and whole grain/flax pasta topped with cottage cheese and a sprinkling of cinnamon.
You all have got to try cottage cheese on pasta.  SO good!!!  Especially when followed by dessert:
See the sprinkles? Oops, still gotta clean those up.
Now, I love Reese's and I don't mind having one every once in a while, but I'm always on the lookout for a bit of a healthier alternative.  These were quite tasty!  The flavor was pretty much the same, but the problem was that there wasn't a lot of the peanut butter making it a bit chocolate-y.  Now I love chocolate, but for this purpose, I wanted a little more peanut butter flavor.  Still very tasty though!

And finally, we have this morning's breakfast!  I knew that I was going to want oats in a jar this morning, but there was only one problem - no empty jars!  So, I made my own!
I plopped some peanut butter into the bottom of a glass, smudged some onto the sides, and put the glass in the fridge overnight.  This morning:
I filled it with steal cut oats and topped it with lots of wheat germ (about 100 times what's shown - love my wheat germ on oats!).  Wasn't exactly the same as real OIAJ, but still might tasty.  I ate my oats with a juicy nectarine and a big glass of green tea.

And now about my culture project!  It's for Spanish class and I'm going to make an appetizer, main course, and dessert.  The appetizer is going to be mushrooms on an aioli spread bread, main course will be vegetarian paella, and dessert will be cinnamon ice cream.  I'm. So. Excited!!  I'll being taking pictures throughout the cooking process, so I'll be sure to share them!

Do you ever eat frozen food?  If you do, what's your favorite?
Do you like to make your own nut butter?
Have you ever made Spanish food?

Everyone, have an AMAZING weekend, and that's an order! ;)



08/27/2011 07:44

Welcome back! That burrito looks really good and I love how you added the sides to make it a fabulous meal!

08/28/2011 06:49

Ahhh I missed you! :)
You are so creative--making your own nut butter jar for oats in a jar. that's awesome!! :) and i so need to try that kind of nut butter!

08/28/2011 09:52

Haha, I love your thinking outside the box for OAIJ! And congratulations on winning the class, brilliant. I haven't been to a show for far too long; need to get my lorry mended...
I think I need more Greek food in my life - and I definitely need more sprinkles!


I've never made my own nut butter but I really want to try eventually! I'm a huge fan of cottage cheese, I bet it was awesome on the pasta!


That burrito looks amazing!
Ah- my classes start tomorrow! I'm hoping I can still blog everyday. It's just gunna be pure craziness with my class load!

08/28/2011 13:03

Now I really wan a falafel, ha!

I haven't had any frozen food in a long time. I've yet to make my own nut butter (though, I want to!). And... I'm not sure if I've ever made actual Spanish food.

I hope you had a great weekend yourself!

08/28/2011 15:55

So glad to hear the horse show was fun!
All of this steamed broccoli action is making me oober hungry YUMMO!!
The only frozen foods I really have are frozen fruits for smoothies and steamable frozen veggies--I get really lazy cookin them haha
I've never made my own nut butter but I want to SO BAD!! I don't have a food processor, but I'm tempted to try it in a blender...
Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! :D


I saw the cake batter nut butter on Ashley's blog this morning & pretty much melted into my chair.

08/28/2011 16:36

Yummy food! I hope school is going well! :)


08/28/2011 17:45

I eat frozen fruit, veggies, rice, Amy's Burritos <3, bread, and I think that is about it....point is, I eat a lot of frozen food. It is convenient and quick and still healthy! Fresh almost always tastes better butt sometimes I have to sacrifice taste for the sake of time.

I tried Newman's PB cups and I love them! They're way better than Reeses Peanut Butter cups! Next step is to make my own :) Have fun with school! Don't get too busy ;)

08/29/2011 03:07

Welcome back girl!
I love those burritos...and I never ever eat burritos (hello fear food) but these are wonderful :)
I make my own nut butter occasionally but it never turns out that great.. I think I am doing something wrong! They always have a slightly err burnt taste.. yuck haha

08/29/2011 07:11

I missed you!! I'm excited to hear from you. I actually eat frozen food a lot... especially frozen vegetables. They're easier and quicker to prepare, especially during the school year! I am drooling over that cake batter butter. I love making homemade nut butter! I want to try homemade walnut butter.
I love Spanish food! I like tortilla espanola and gazpacho best :) Paella is delicious too, but it takes a lot of work!

08/29/2011 13:30

I lived off of those burritos in the dorms. I'm not sure I could eat one anymore, though they were very tasty. Cinnamon and cottage cheese on pasta? Very creative. Anything is good with cinnamon of course!

08/30/2011 09:02

Okay- hand over the Cashew cake batter/butter and no one gets hurt. I'll eat anything with sprinkles haha.

08/31/2011 04:00

I really like frozen veggies for roasting, especially broc and Brussels :)

09/01/2011 15:40

Hehehe, I love your homemade OIAJ! Haha, that is so awesome. :D And Cake Batter Cashew Butter?!?!?!?!?! Oh gosh, I wish I had cashews.



Cake batter cashew butter?! That's not even funny - I have to make it asap!

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