Honestly, I am not a procrastinator.  At least not when it comes to school.  I've never waited until the last minute to study for a test or been up late to start a project the day before it's due.  But like I said, that's school.  As far as household chores go... well, let's just say I put them off for as long as I can.  I finally de-weeded my garden after the weeds had grown about four feet (not even joking), and cleaning my shower, well that's still a work in progress (actually, it's not even a work in progress - more like a work that needs to be in progress...).  Something else I procrastinate on?  Blogging.  Not so much writing posts, but more things like the seven or so other recaps I have.  Or recipes... stuffed spaghetti squash (still trying to find where I put that recipe...), peanut butter spelt bagels (I promise to post the recipe sometime, but I actually think I want to rework it a bit since they tasted a bit too "healthy"), baked pasta dish, and I even have a few quesadilla recipes that I want to post.  It's not that I don't want to do the recaps or I don't like the recipes (I love them or I wouldn't even think about posting them), but I think it's the thought that they're there to do that turns me away from them.  Sometimes, I just want to post about the present.  And sometimes, recipes are just so good that I simply can't put them off at all.  I mean, I know you at least got a little excited when you read the post title.  Right?  Chocolate, macadamia nuts, oats... some of your favorite foods, right?  If not, I completely wash my hands of you (just kidding... kinda ;).  So anyway, enough babbling, well maybe just a little more ;).  Where did this recipe come from?  Well, my mom and I were standing in line at the grocery store, and we saw this:
We began guessing what the enchiladas were stuffed with.  We had our guesses, but I just had to know for sure.  So I snatched up the magazine and peered inside.  Recipes like Pumpkin Pesto and Spinach and Olive Melts immediately drew my attention.  The magazine eventually made its way into the cart... I didn't even realize it was a diabetic magazine until we got into the car!  Then, that night I was looking through it, and I saw a recipe for Chocolate Orange Pistachio Bars.  I had no oranges and not a lot of pistachios, so I revised the recipe to make it suitable for what ingredients I did have and, in the process, made the bars gluten-free, low sugar, and vegan.  Please tell me you're excited by now. ;)

Chocolate-Macadamia Oat Bars
Adapted from Diabetic Living's Chocolate Orange Pistachio Bars

1.5 cups rolled oats
1/3 cup macadamia nuts, finely chopped (measure first, then chop)
2.5 tablespoon brown rice flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda

3 tablespoons almond milk
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
2 tablespoons agave nectar*
5 drops stevia*

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Heaping 3/4 cup chocolate chips (I used 60%)
2-3 tablespoons (I filled a 1/3 cup measuring cup half full) macadamia nuts, finely chopped

*These bars aren't really sweet (which I personally like), but if you want a sweeter bar, you can add more agave, stevia, or probably even a dry sugar.  If you increase agave, you may need to decrease the almond milk, and if you add dry sugar, you may need to increase the almond milk.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.  Grease an 8x8 inch pan (I used coconut oil), and set aside.  
Combine the oats, 1/3 cup macadamia nuts, rice flour, and baking soda.  Then add the almond milk, coconut oil, agave, stevia, and vanilla extract and mix well.
Spread the oat mixture into the bottom of the pan, and press it in firmly.
Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 27 minutes (it should be slightly brown and firm).
Allow the oat mixture to cool.  Meanwhile, melt the chocolate chips.  Once the oat mixture is cool, spoon the melted chocolate over the top,
And then spread the chocolate around.
Once the chocolate is all spread around, sprinkle on the remaining three tablespoons of macadamia nuts.  Allow the chocolate to cool and harden and then cut into squares.  Enjoy!
One good thing after the next!  Wait, there's only one recipe there!!  Right, let me explain.  It's actually quite simple: Katie's Cookie Dough Dip!  Unfortunately, my camera was dead (had run out of battery), but there's always good ole' Photobooth to save the day!
Then, I got into the effects!  First, I tried to make the bowl bigger (bigger bowl = more cookie dough = very good thing).
Got into some swirl fun...
And finally, did something I really wish I could do.
Make TWO bowls of it!!  So I think you get it by now... it was soooo delicious!!  A winner without a doubt, and something I will definitely make again! :D  Great as a dip...
Cookie dough dip with apple slice, nut thins, and Kashi seven grain crackers. The perfect snack!
In a sandwich...
AND by the spoonful. ;)  It was also great on oatmeal.  A little to great for a picture, if you know what I mean. ;)  So if you haven't made Katie's cookie dough dip before, um make it!  I do have one complaint - it only made one bowl.  As seen above, I tried to fix that, but sometimes there's only so much I can do. ;)

Are you a procrastinator?
Do you like macadamia nuts?

Have a great week everyone!


P.S. It's my golden retriever's birthday today!  She turned five :)


08/01/2011 17:17

I am such a procrastinator. And my excuse for that? "I'm busy." lol, this is my secret but I'm actually not, haha.

The bar looks so easy to make!! How come my bars always come out so crumbly :(
Just wondering, is the almond milk necessary? I always see people add some kind of milk in recipes, but I never got the reason behind it.


those bars look SOO good. i love chocolate on oats :)

08/02/2011 05:21

I love macadamia nuts!! Those bars sound delicious. The original version of those bars sounds really good too since I love pistachios. I also really want to make that cookie dough dip. I love your idea of putting it in a sandwich!

08/02/2011 05:27

Tell your puppy Happy Birthday for me! :)

Your bars look INCREDIBLE!!! How amazing are you! I don't know if I've ever had a macadamia nut before. What does it taste like? I love how healthy your recipes are! :D

Love ya! <3

08/02/2011 09:04

I'm the same as you--I don't procrastinate on school work, but blogging is another story. Oh well. At least you don't get marked down if you get a post up late.

Those bars look delicious and simple! My kind of bar recipe. :) Oh, and Katie's dip rocks too. It disappeared waaay too fast.

08/02/2011 10:07

Wow these look so yummy! Too bad macadamia nuts are the one thing i'm allergic too. D:

08/03/2011 08:20

I have the same problem when it comes to blogging. There's so many things I never get around to posting.

The bars look amazing!!

08/03/2011 11:09

Hi there- I'm a new reader. Nice to meet you! I knew after one post I would like your blog because it involved cookie dough dip, and was suitable for someone watching their sugars intake. Perfect! I only wish I were home so I could make some sooner!

08/04/2011 04:53

I love macadamia nuts and those bars look BALLER :)

08/04/2011 09:38

OH MY WORD!!! Girl I am SOOO excited you commented on my blog so I could come see yours, holy cow I love it so much. And heck yes, your name is the coolest around haha ;)
Your foods are totally delicious looking and this recipe is to die for. AHH Love it and can't wait to read more from ya!

PS~ happy birthday to your pup! :D


Your chocolate-macadamia oat bars looks fabulous! I've been meaning to try Katie's cookie dough dip, it looks like yours turned out great :)


My boyfriend never eats breakfast so I'm always looking for new granola bar recipes to make for him so he has a quick option in the mornings. The fact that these are covered in chocolate DEFINITELY help ;)

By the way, this is random-- but I love the look of your blog!

04/27/2012 02:26

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08/08/2016 04:10

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