I'm back already!  As you probably know, I don't normally post everyday and for two reasons.  1) I don't often have time to post everyday and 2) I don't normally have something to post everyday.  Today, however, is a little different.  One still holds true, but two doesn't - I actually do have something to post about today.  And since it's just so amazing, I decided to ignore number one and go ahead and post about it.  So, here we go.

It all started when I saw Katie's Vegan Cool Whip.  I immediately tossed some coconut milk into the fridge and started contemplating what to put in on.  (The cool whip is amazing by the way!  It didn't turn out very thick, but that's completely fine because the taste is incredible!  Every time I go by my fridge, I take a spoon and have a spoonful... not even kidding.)  I was originally going to put it on oatmeal, but then pancakes entered my mind.  But what kind of pancakes?  Chocolate, plain... enter visions of sprinkles dancing in my head.  The deal was sealed - I mean, there's no way I can say no to sprinkles. ;)  So I used Katie's Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes as a base, and Confetti Pancakes were born.
Confetti Pancakes (serves 1)

Adapted from Katie's Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes

1/3 cup brown rice flour (or other flour if desired)
1 tablespoon wheat germ
1 tablespoon rolled oats
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon sprinkles
1/3 cup almond milk (I actually used a mixture of almond milk and water because I ran out of    almond milk)
1 tablespoon applesauce
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 drops stevia (or you could use agave or sugar, to taste)

Katie's Vegan Cool Whip

Combine the flour, wheat germ, oats, baking powder, and sprinkles in a small mixing bowl.  Add the remaining ingredients and stir until the mixture is well combined, but don't over mix.  Cook on a pre-heated, non-stick skillet for a few minutes on each side.  Layer with Katie's cool whip.
Ooooooh my.  My oh my.
Pleeeeaaaase make these now.  Seriously, soooo good!  Even my mom loved these (and she's not always a fan of my healthy foods and doesn't like stevia at all!).  In her words, "Weird, these actually taste like cookies."  And you know what?  They do taste like cookies!  Right on, mom. ;)
I want another plate of these. Right. NOW.
Please make them.  Pretty please.  With an ice cream cone and sprinkles on top.
Convinced yet?



08/17/2011 10:02

Holy shivers that looks amazing! :D Not only that, but it's pretty with the sprinkles, too! Those would be gone in no time in this house haha


These look great :) Remind me of the funfetti cookies I just made a little while ago!

08/17/2011 12:34

Yes you have convinced me! Funfetti anything steals my heart

08/17/2011 12:57

I am making them ASAP =)

08/17/2011 13:36

Oh man, you weren't kidding when you said I'd like this post! All my favorite things-- pancakes, sprinkles, and coconut! (In my imagination, I added some chocolate. It is never far from my mind.)


Oh, and I just heard from a commenter that Thai Kitchen Organic is the way to go because its ingredients are only coconut milk and guar gum. No water added. So if you can find a coconut milk that doesn't have water listed in the ingredients, it will make a thicker cream.

08/17/2011 16:12

All Mighty Cracker!!! Those can not be real! Vegan AND healthy? It can't be! It looks like a cupcake on steroids with a gazillion pounds of sugar! But it is not.

I am going to go pinch myself 562 times to make sure I am not dreaming and then show this to my mom. :D

08/18/2011 03:10

Oh my goodness!! This. looks. so. delicious.

08/18/2011 05:31

Those really do look like cakes or cookies! Isn't it strange how sprinkles make everything look more delicious?

08/18/2011 05:46

Yummmmmm. CCK has some awesomeeeee recipes.

08/18/2011 12:52

You and pancakes! I just scrolled down and saw even more amazing, delicious-looking pancakes! Among many other foods that got me hungry, ha!

No worries about not commenting on my blog in a while. I could say the same to you!

08/18/2011 14:10

These look so delicious I thought they were cookies!

08/19/2011 05:59

OH MY GOODNESS...yum! These look fabulous! I love sprinkles!


I love sprinkles!!! These look and sound amazing.

08/21/2011 03:39

Hmm, I wonder why it didn't thicken up for you. It has always worked for me with coconut milk, even before CCK posted it! I'm not a big fan of pancakes, but I love waffles (it's a shape thing..) so me thinks I will have to make confetti waffles!

08/21/2011 10:23

Oh my gosh!! This looks SO good! I love the colour of your pancakes! And ever since I saw Katie making the cream I have wanted to try it too! YUM!!

08/22/2011 08:18

oh dannnnnnnngggg that looks really good! Well, I'm not a sprinkle fan for some reason--but everything else looks and sounds yummo :D Perhaps this is the beginning for your momma? ;) Hehe. Have a beautiful day Alex!!!!


I love anything with sprinkles!!

08/23/2011 08:50

Those look AMAZING!!!

08/24/2011 17:12

Those look SO amazing. Oh my gosh. I'm convinced.

08/25/2011 10:40

Can we share breakfasts please? Or can you just be my personal chef? ;) You always make the recipes I want to try. Looks great!

08/25/2011 15:35

YAY! so so glad you're back!! :) anyway WOW that vegan cool whip looks seriously BOMB. I'm making that with my coconut milk tonight..I can't wait for tomorrow..gahhh!!! Katie has the best of the best healthy vegan recipes; i love it! missed you!!


Holy cow- these look delicious!

04/30/2012 06:05

wow what a great recipe you have posted here, it looks like very delicious, thanks for sharing it.


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05/31/2012 04:02

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