Happy Easter!!!  So, is the Easter bunny going to your house today?  He sure is coming to mine! ;)  But for now, let's examine some recent eats...
That would be Chef Roy's Pasta from Tofu 1-2-3 along with steamed zucchini topped with peanut butter.  What?!  You've never heard of topping steamed veggies with PB?  Well, now you have! :)  The pasta was incredible!  Did any of you ever eat Spaghettios?  Well, if you did, it tasted like that only WAY better!  And the "cheeze" was made using silken tofu!  Isn't that cool?!

Next up, I made Tara's Pancakes!
Mmm... I think I just found my new go-to pancake recipe!!  They reminded me of cake (I guess they lived up to their name! ;)  I topped mine with PB frosting (PB, water, stevia), chocolate chips and peanut butter chips!  YUM!

I also made Katie's Breakfast Polenta one morning:
Not only did I discover that polenta was amazing for breakfast, but I also learned that chocolate and peanut butter pair rather nicely with polenta!  As my dad would say, "Who woulda thunk it."

While we're on the topic of Katie recipes, I also made her Gluten-free Pizzert!
Ok, I am officially the world's worst when it comes to plating my meals.  In spite of the ugly, tan glob above (which my mom was convinced was chicken), the pizzert was incredible as ALWAYS!!!  I put cinnamon and carob chip in mine and topped it with PB.  Katie, what would I do without your pizzerts?

Have you guys ever tried these?
Or these?
I'm obsessed with both, so you should really try them if you haven't already!

And in case you're wondering about my birthday cake, I made Katie's Healthier Chocolate Cake, and topped it with fudgy chocolate frosting from VCTOTW (actually my mom frosted it, and I must say that she did a mighty fine job! :)
The cake was a little crumbly, but it was packed with so much amazing chocolate flavor that I'm sure none of my friends knew it was vegan and whole grain!  I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a delicious, vegan cake! :D

And now for the award!  Both Tara and Molly awarded me the following!

The Rules:

1. Post this award with the picture and name of whoever awarded it to you

2. Do the stuff

3. Award to 7 others and tell them you did so

The stuff:

1. Name 3 things that are lying right next to you

2. Name 2 foods that you cannot live without

3. Name 1 thing you did today 

All righty!

1) My bamboo that I've had for about six months.  That's quite the accomplishment fo me as I have a very black thumb!  Proof of that is my cactus cemetery.  Has anyone else ever shriveled a cactus to death?  It's very sad! :(
2) A sketch that I did of some flowers:
3) Daily sudoku puzzles:
Let's see, two foods I could not live without??  There's no way I could pick just two, so instead, I'll show you two foods I've had recently that I now wonder how I ever lived without them! 
1) Ellie's Reese's Oat Bake:
I really haven't done much today other than clean and take care of my animals.  I think the most exciting thing was eating my delicious carrot cake oatmeal (meals are always the most exciting part of the day ;) 
Thanks so much for the award, girls!!  And now I award it to the following lovely bloggers:

1) Olivia @ Little Health Junkie
2) Ann Claire @ The Flourishing Foodie
3) Ryan @ Aloha Appetite
4) Whitney @ Vegan Sunshine
5) Kayla @ Little Miss Healthify
6) Teenage Healthy Freak
7) Heather @ All Sizzle, No Steak

Congrats you guys!  Of course, anyone who wants to do this can!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!



04/24/2011 10:05

Awesome cake!

Everytime I take my 8 year old sis with me to the grocery store she buys a small bag of those snackimals. I can't eat them because they have evaporated cane juice in them and that makes my head spin around in circles :P But my sis sure likes them!

Oh and veggies on PB doesn't sound bad at all! Everything tastes better with a little peanut buttah on top :)

04/24/2011 10:14

Awesome cake! Looks great. Thanks for the tag girl! I'll be sure to get on this in the next post or two.


08/21/2012 07:32

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04/24/2011 13:39

Thanks for the award! Yay for vegan whole grain cakes!! Hope you had a great birthday!

04/24/2011 14:49

I love your flower sketches!! And I do suduko everyday too! Seriously can't get enough:) Whhhhyyy don't you live near me so that we can do sudukos and eat crazy yummy food (including nut butter + veggies!) all the time!?! Try tahini sauce on broccoli...oh my word, it is heavenly!

PS! Love love LOVVVEEE that you made my hummus pizza!! Ahhhh you make me so happy girl:) I hope you loved it:)! And thanks for tagging me too! I was worried I'd never get tagged!

04/24/2011 14:52

Oh yeah, and I also LOVVVE peanut butter filled pretzels!! I was actually eating them today...possibly half the bag, oops! And I love your bday cake + pic with it! I've made my own cakes before too but I love that yours was actually healthy and vegan! I love experimenting with that kinda thing, but I always go allll out for bday celebrations! (My most recent cake was a 12 layer, chocolate, fudge, mousse, peanut butter and everything under the sun cake...lets just say, AMAZING!)

04/24/2011 14:53

<b> Hoppy Easter !!! </b>

04/24/2011 16:01

I'm so glad you like the pancakes!! Thanks somuch for the shoutouts :) your sketch of the flowers is so good! I admire your skills. I wish o could do that! I love all the recipes tht you highlighted in this post and i definitely want to check them out.
Happy Easter!!!!

04/25/2011 00:04

WOW girl you are an AMAZING artist!! Wish I had your skills- I'm awful! :P

All your food looks SO DELICIOUS- specially that cake..mmm... :)

Have a GREAT week friend!! :D

04/25/2011 03:07

I went through a phase where I'd do sudoku puzzles everyday during lunch. I should get back in that habit!

Veggies and peanut butter is yum! I usually mix the peanut butter with some rice wine vinegar, a bit of honey/brown sugar and sesame oil to make a thai (ish) peanut sauce.

Mind sending me a slice of that cake? ;)

04/25/2011 08:20

Looks like a delicious cake!

Olivia's hummus pizza!!! I am drooling!

Thanks for the award girlie!


so much peanut butter goodness going on in this post :)


Thanks for tagging me! I must make that breakfast polenta... it looked divine.

04/27/2011 11:49

Congrats on the award love!
And holy yum those pancakes look delicious! I am in love with those pb filled pretzels, I've never eaten those before.
And that is how you celebrate a birthday, what a pretty cake! I bet it was equally as delicious. :D

04/28/2011 06:01

I never had good experinces with vegan cake. But then again the one I ate had no chocolate (carob) and carrots..weird. Maybe i should try another bakery

04/29/2011 09:06

Alex!! You are an AMAAAZINGLY GIFTED artist!!! those flower sketches look beautiful. share some more art please! :D


im sure they didn't notice because as you said CHOCOLATE FLAVOR OVERRULES ANYTHING ANYTIME ANYDAY!! hope you had an awesome birthday girl!!!

04/30/2011 07:44

Passionate teachers are SO needed right now. Go for it!

05/01/2011 07:34

U are sweet ! Thanks so much for the comment at my blog girl!

Yes it is hard living away, but if you go to college out of state, dont worry, you will be able to visit your family still! U just got to enjoy every moment!



Oh my gosh, I love your EATS!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!! I love Katie's Recipes! :)


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