I am freeeeeee!!!  I don't even have to think about school for over a week!!  Mid-terms are officially OVER!  Woooohoooo!!  (Can you tell I'm excited ;)

And, even more exciting, I will be in California in less than 48 hours!  I'm hoping to be able to post Sunday morning before I leave, and I might even take my computer and blog from California, but if not, this will be last post until next Thursday (I can't think of it - too depressing!)  Instead of contemplating that, I will move on into my top eats of the week (although honestly, I love mostly everything I eat!)  

I didn't have a lot of time to cook due to finals, but I did manage a few different eats.  Take this yummy pizza for example:
For my brother's birthday (which, by the way, I wanted to thank all you amazing people for wishing my bwudda a happy birthday - I got a genuine smile from him when I told him about your comments :D ) we made pizza!!  We bought fresh pizza dough from Whole Foods (I used the whole grain variety) and topped mine with pesto, fresh basil, tomatoes, olives, onions, and LOTS of broccoli (and cheese, of course)  Homemade pizza is way too good!!

Another yummy eat?  How about my banana scramlette?
I love this even more every time I eat it!!!  And it's the perfect post-workout snack! :)

And I just found my second favorite sandwich (pesto still comes in first)
I topped a piece of Rudi's 14 grain bread with baked sweet potato, coconut butter, carob chips, and another piece of bread.  Wooooow you guys!!!  That was out of this world amazing!!

We also made spring roles this past week!!  I <3 spring roles!  But my favorite part?  My Creamy Peanut Sauce!

Creamy Peanut Sauce
(Adapted from Vegan With a Vengeance)

1/4 cup water
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon Asian chile oil
Peanut butter (i just add spoonfuls until it gets kind of thick and creamy)

Whisk all ingredients together in a small mixing bowl.
Spring rolls are way too much fun! :D

Then last night, I threw together something really quick, and it turned out to be one of my favorite dishes that I'm sure I will make again and again (and again... ;)

Quick, Cold Pasta

1 serving cooked pasta
A handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced
A handful of fresh basil, torn
1 ounce of goat cheese, crumbled
Olive oil, to taste (I recommend a generous amount)
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste)

Place all ingredients together in a bowl...
.... and give a good mixin'!
Truly amazing!!!  Especially when accompanied with lot's of steamed brussel sprouts! :)

Now lets take a look at some recent breakfasts....  
Here we haves some cold cereal!!!!  SO exciting, I know ;)
But actually, it is kind of exciting for me since I only eat it like once a month.  I find if it kind of funny that most of my friends would give anything to not eat cold cereal in the  morning, and I find it exciting :)
1/2 cup kashi go lean granola + 1/2 cup Ezekiel golden flax + a handful of roasted peanuts = an amazing mess of goodness swimming in a pool of almond milk.  Have you ever had peanuts in your cold cereal?  If not, then do!!!  Really, it's AMAZING!!

Oats in a jar.... amazing as always!
And I also did a spin on oatmeal using Katie's blended grain technique!!

Sweet Potato-Peanut Pudding Oats

1/2 cup rolled oats
Liquid for cooking the oats (I used about 1 cup of water)
1/2 cup cooked sweet potato
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
A spoonful of peanut butter (probably about 2 tablespoons?)
2 tablespoon to 1/4 cup almond milk (depending on how thick you want it)

Cook the oats according to package directions.  Next, dump the oats and the remaining ingredients into a blender and blend away!  

There's nothing like pudding for breakfast!!  Thanks, Katie, as always for your amazing recipe ideas!!!  And I'm definitely making your cake batter milk shake tomorrow!!! :)  SO excited - I know it will be absolutely fabulous!  Your recipes ALWAYS are!! :D
And finally, I took my breakfast to shcool this morning!!  I went early to start my chemistry final, and I knew I couldn't do it on an empty stomach.  So I made my breakfast the night before, stuck it in the fridge, and away it went with me the next morning!
I'm probably the only one at my school who gets excited about taking their breakfast to school ;)

Oh, oooooone more thing, if you aren't bored to tears yet (I really hope you aren't!)  I finally tried a (wait for it)....
I think it's very safe to say that these little guys will be making frequent appearances in my life! ;)

Ok, enough about me, what about all of you wonderful people?  How was your week?  Did you have finals?  Any particularly fabulous eats?

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Love you guys!


I'm starting my Spring Break with my College Algebra CLEP Test on Monday! :) At least it's at the beginning of Spring Break. Congrats on finals! YAY for Spring Break! :D

I totally understand you're excitement with cereal. :) I don't have it very often either, so when I do, it is so much fun! ;)

Larabars are amazing! :D I haven't had the Cashew Cookie one yet, but I have had a Peanut Butter Cookie!!! :D SO good!

Have fun in Caliornia Darling! :D



Where in cali are you going?!?

also how come ya didn't enter my giveaway, i totes want to have an excuse to send you cookies ;)


03/11/2011 20:19

Congrats on finishing your midterms! Hope you did well!

Your pizza looks yummy! I enjoyed some pizza tonight too. :)

03/12/2011 04:43

woohoo-congrats on being done-such a relief! Pizza? great way to cap it all off!

03/12/2011 05:19

Oooo Ben and I just made homemade pizza last night - Grilled Chicken and Pesto. I meant to make whole wheat dough but got so side tracked I forgot my plan and made traditional white dough. Oh well, it still tasted good!

I love your olive and broccoli pizza. I might have to try that with the remaining dough I have!!

Have a blast in Cali!! ~Megan

03/12/2011 06:56

Congrats on being done!!! That pizza looks so delicious my mouth is just about watering right now ;)


ummm so you will be in SF and i'm like an hour away from there! ahhhh!!

yay for entering my giveaway, and tha'ts too funny about the physics bit :) i tend to apply stuff i learn in class A LOT haha.


03/12/2011 15:42

I feel so stupid. Did you know I thought I was subscribed to you on google reader. I just thought you hadn't posted in a while and that's why I wasn't getting your posts! I feel so stupid! I fixed that problem and caught up :)

I'm going to CA for my spring break too! It's not for a month though. I'm so excited!

03/13/2011 04:44

Have fun out here in Cali!! If your anywhere near the beach make sure you go down there for a bit!! The weather has been beautiful :)

03/15/2011 07:57

Wow! It seems like everything was so much fun! It makes me want to go visit California sometime.

03/15/2011 10:49

Welcome to Cali Alex!!!!! yayyyyyy i wish I could meet you~but I'm in Socal. Cali is very diverse in every sense of the word, isn't it? God bless you today!


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