Good afternoon!  Can you believe there's only three days till Christmas?!  I'm really excited, but it came a little to quickly this year for me.
Have you ever seen this dip before?
I saw it the last time we were at Whole Foods and decided to give it a try.  After all, anything with garlic has to be at least decent, right?  
So today, I toasted two pieces of sprouted multi-grain bread and spread it with the above dip and some sliced avocado.  I had the sandwich along with some raw veggies, a clementine orange, and some of Endangered Species 88% dark chocolate (my absolute favorite!!!).
That was such a deeeee-licious lunch!  If you see that dip at the store, I really recommend you give it a try.  I'm 99.9% sure that you will love it! 
And, the daily question: Do you have your Christmas shopping done?  I was planning on getting all of my done early, but, of course, I didn't get it all done until today.  Oh well.  At least it's done, and now, I can focus on some cookie baking!


12/22/2010 10:01

I think the new blog looks great! :)

The Panther bar is one of my favorites too. I like all the Endangered Species ones and don't eat them nearly enough. Perhaps Santa will put a few in my stocking.

All of my Christmas shopping is done. Still waiting on one package to arrive, but otherwise everything is wrapped an under the tree. Can't wait for Saturday morning.

Thanks so much for reading HEAB. :)

12/22/2010 11:15

Thanks so much for your comment, HEAB! I'm glad you like my blog! I can't wait for Saturday morning either. :)

12/31/2010 15:22

I love green frozen soy beans (Edamame) - I'll look for the dip. Looks yummy. Your veggies look so good - did you have a garden?

01/03/2011 03:44


I did have a garden, but the veggies pictured are from the store. Still very tasty - but not as good as the ones from the garden :)

09/22/2016 03:42

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