I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas yesterday!  Mine was truly fantastic!  
I'll start this post by showing you guys the amazing Christmas Eve meal:
The above plate encompasses a warm bread roll (recipe from good 'ole Betty Crocker), my Mom's amazing potatoes au gratin, Happy Herbivore's Maple Glazed Vegetables, and, yes, a piece of lamb.  I thought long and hard about whether or not to have any lamb, but I finally came to a decision that Christmas only comes once a year, and I didn't think it would seem as much like Christmas without it.  I admit that it tasted pretty good (Dad, you did a great job), however the texture did seem a bit odd - i probably just wasn't used to it! 
An now for dessert (always the most important part of a meal): 
On the left is my mom's fantastic chocolate cream pie (are you seeing a recurring theme of my mom's awesome cooking skills?) and on the right is a gingerbread cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  The cupcakes, made by yours truly, tasted great in the end, but it was a bit of a struggle to get there.  First they sunk take so deeply that it seemed like there was just gong to be a big hole in the center (maybe it's due to the fact that I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of all-purpose?).  Second, when I went to take them out of the muffing tin, they stuck and nearly completely fell apart.  Finally, the texture definitely wasn't right.  The tops were crispy and the inside was kind of firm - more like a muffin.  Oh well, none of that really matters as long as the taste is wonderful, right?
The next morning was present time!  Here's all the kitchen related gifts that I got:            
Moosewood Restaurants cookbook, A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen cookbook, a teapot, passion fruit green tea, a mini egg pan and spatula, bowls and a plate, a mini soup scooper, two mini whisks, mini spatulas, and three mini colanders (can you tell I love 
minis?).  I also got some chocolate black tea, but I forget to get it in the picture.
Ok, this post is getting kind of long, but I have to show you one more picture before I go:
Isn't that great?!  My brother gave it to me and I wore it all day yesterday!

The daily question: How was your Christmas? 
As you can probably tell, mine was remarkable.  I hope yours was too!


12/28/2010 07:50

I love pesto and I love oats... will have to try the combination!
Also, this is really weird, my brother gave me a mad animal hat for Christmas too!
Mine's a wolf (I put the picture on my blog) but our brothers are obviously just as great as each other! :-)

12/29/2010 03:01

Haha, I just looked at your picture and that wolf hat is great! You're sure right - our brother's minds do think alike! Isn't it great to have such creative minded brothers? It makes life so much more....um.....interesting. :) (As can be seen from our Christmas gifts :)

06/19/2016 10:22

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05/03/2017 07:39

I am happy that you and your family had celebrated the Christmas season in the happiest possible way! In my case, we celebrated it in a simple way. We went to Church and pray. After that, we ate the food we prepared and shared some stories and laughter! By the way, I love the gingerbread cupcake! I need to try it too. This will serve as my present to my office mates!

08/11/2017 04:46

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